The Museum of Design in Plastics is located in the library. Its purpose is to provide a dynamic study and research resource to facilitate an understanding and appreciation of popular design and culture.

It was created to enhance research and student learning and holds more than 12,500 (predominantly 20th Century) international, historical and contemporary design examples relating directly to the University’s specialist areas of study.

Established in 1988, the Museum of Design in Plastics became a registered museum in 2001. It offers a unique study, teaching and reference resource primarily for use by researchers and the staff and students of Arts University Bournemouth.

Comprising over 12,500 artefacts of predominantly 20th and 21st century mass produced design and popular culture, the items are selected specifically to support the academic courses taught at the University.

The collection was created to enhance student learning, providing access to international, historical and contemporary design examples ranging from c.1880 to the present day. The exhibits help to develop student critical awareness and understanding of design, manufacturing processes, materials, style, marketing and consumerism within relevant historical, social, cultural, political and economic contexts.