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Small glass cabinet with a number of colourful plastic objects on display inside.

Become an eco-plastic detective at the UK’s only plastics museum, based at AUB


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MoDiP will welcome Eco-plastic Detectives who will engage in an ‘I spy Eco-plastic’ activity, requiring children to put on their detective hats, and explore to find certain objects within the display cases of the exhibition.

There will also be an activity to investigate plastic packaging, seeing family members become Eco-plastic Investigators. Using a magnifying glass children will explore objects to find the recycling triangle. They will write down the number and letters they see, and with the help of an Identification Code List they can find out what the number and letters mean.

Sarah Jane Stevens, MoDiP’s Museum Engagement Officer, said: “With children becoming plastics detectives at our museum, they can investigate, discuss and explore the role that plastics play in our modern world, from the innovation of new shapes and designs, to the life-saving development of a range of medical equipment.

“This summer, we’re engaging with families here at MoDiP through a programme of activities to allow them to spent time together learning about sustainability in plastics, recycling and upcycling – something that continues to be a particularly pertinent area of discussion across the world.”

The sessions, for which children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, are booked via the MoDiP website, with various sessions being held throughout the month.

Visit MoDiP to book an event.

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