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AUB Vice-Chancellor Professor P Gough and other members of AUB staff pose for a photo outside the Air Source Heat Pumps on AUB campus

AUB Sustainability and Net Zero project celebrates crucial milestone

Photos by Eliza Naden


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Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) celebrated an important milestone in its decarbonisation project with the delivery and installation of Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) and Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHPs) on campus.

The installation is a crucial part of the University's plan to lower on-campus fossil fuel use and provide a clean and efficient heat energy supply by heating water using renewable energy.

AUB appointed contractor Morgan Sindall Construction to deliver the project. Throughout the planning process they collaborated closely with AUB, a suite of multidisciplinary design consultants and M&E contractor Accolade Building Care, to ensure seamless execution.

Representatives from both AUB and Morgan Sindall held a ceremony on Thursday 23 May to celebrate this crucial milestone in the University’s ambitious Sustainability and Net Zero (SNZ) programme.

Morgan Sindall’s installation of the ASHPs and WSHPs will achieve a significant step towards decarbonising AUB by reducing the equivalent of gas emissions by approximately 115 tonnes of CO2 per year. Any electricity used on site will be Renewable Energy Guaranteed of Origin, and therefore carbon neutral, further reducing the campus’ environmental impact.

At the heart of this transformative sustainability project lies the replacement of gas boilers serving the North Building and the Library, alongside future-proofing measures for the new North Lights Studio.

AUB Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Gough comments, “It is a fantastic milestone achieved to see the North Building decarbonisation project commence on site and seeing AUB move a step closer to achieving its aim of becoming Net Zero by 2030, thus removing our reliance on fossil fuels as part of our commitment to sustainability.”

“AUB's commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2030 aligns perfectly with Morgan Sindall’s Responsible Business Plan and dedication to sustainable construction practices,' adds Cliff Kinch, Morgan Sindall Construction's Area Director in the South. "It’s exciting to see the installation of two ASHPs at the site and get underway with what will undeniably be a transformative project for the higher education sector.

“We hope that our delivery of pioneering sustainable solutions will not only benefit AUB, but also inspire other institutions to embrace environmentally responsible practices. Morgan Sindall is proud to contribute to wider net zero goals within the sector, future-proof our universities, and create more sustainable cities and communities.”

The project is due for completion by this autumn, and has been supported by nearly £770,000 in funding from Salix, a government funding scheme that aims to help public sector organisations reduce their carbon emissions in line with the UK’s 2050 net zero target.

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