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A set of abstract shapes constructed out of white card.

Josephine Kintu – White Reliefs, Cubism and Collaboration

Throughout this semester, I've had the opportunity to delve into the processes taught by our tutors and connect them with the course specifications, as well as the knowledge and experiences I've gathered.


As a devotee of the modernist movement in the UK, spearheaded by renowned artists like Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth, I deeply appreciate the simplicity and abstraction of form and design they championed.

Reflecting on my secondary school days, I recall filling my notebooks with sketches of cubes before venturing into the realm of art and design, where I transformed those cubes into intricate creations born from my imagination. One particularly insightful session, led by Jennifer Scott, a course leader on the Master of Architecture course, focused on the topic of cubism and delved into Ben Nicholson's "White Reliefs". This experience shed light on the artistic blocks we often meet and the relentless pursuit of creativity even in the absence of inspiration.

Participating in the "White Reliefs" workshop, open to all Architecture students, was a transformative moment for me. Among the quiet corners of Arts University Bournemouth's studios, I found solace and gained invaluable insight into the creation process of Nicholson's reliefs. Collaborating with fellow students, we explored materials and executed designs with precision, embodying the spirit of artistic exploration. The sense of community at AUB is palpable, clear from the moment one steps onto campus.

This community spirit was further reinforced during our graduate trip to Oxford, where we embarked on a guided tour, delving into the origins of the city's structures and even visiting filming locations from Harry Potter. However, it wasn't the landmarks or museums that left the greatest impact but rather the moments spent in camaraderie with my peers.

Sitting in a café, engaged in light conversation with newfound course mates, I realised the true beauty of our community. Through shared experiences and stories, we forged bonds that transcended our individual backgrounds. Collaboration and communication became the cornerstone of our creative journey, making each day a meaningful exploration of inspiration and inventive minds.

In conclusion, while the ebb and flow of creativity may be unpredictable, I've come to appreciate that true inspiration lies in the company of like-minded individuals. Being surrounded by such a wealth of creativity and passion is a privilege, and I am honoured to be part of a community that nurtures and celebrates the creative spirit.

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