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Two samples of thatch on a table top, with tools such as a screwdriver and a pair of scissors lying on the table in front of it.

Josephine Kintu – On workshops, community and Russell Cotes

This semester's journey is a testament to the dedication and passion for AUB’s creative crafts and making. It also underscores the advantages of living in Bournemouth as a Master's student, particularly with the privilege of access to the annual Russell Cotes student membership, which opens doors to a variety of exhibitions.


Reflecting on the modelmaking facilities and workshops available at AUB, this semester, as part of the Master of Architecture (Part 2 ARB/RIBA) course, I focused on creating a technical scaled model for the second unit of the year, centring on experimental fabrications. I chose to examine the Enterprise Centre in East Anglia, due to its remarkable use of thatch. Completing the model required several visits to the various modelmaking workshops on campus, and with each visit, I became more and more familiar on how to complete the task at hand.

Stepping into unfamiliar territory as a student can be nerve-wracking, but I was grateful for the constant support. The workshop team answered all my questions with profound assistance and professional expertise, fostering a communal and collaborative atmosphere. This experience highlighted the friendliness, engagement, and support from both students and staff, enhancing the sense of togetherness at AUB.

These moments stood out as key experiences, displaying the collaboration and community at AUB. The atmosphere of teamwork and support made the experience complete, ensuring that I never felt alone or unable to seek help. There was always someone readily available to assist. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of laser-cutting and refining the model through the workshop as I had full autonomy to use the machines and tools provided.

Additionally, I visited an exhibition at Russell Cotes, where I marvelled at Bournemouth over the centuries through a variety of paintings. This moment was profound for me and my course mates, as it brought back memories of our first week meeting each other and our initial visit to Russell Cotes. We were anxious to start the semester, unaware of the bonds and moments of connectivity we would share throughout the term. Walking around the exhibition together, we felt a unique sense of unity, having formed lasting friendships that are truly emblematic of the collaborative AUB community.

I cherish the annual Russell Cotes membership offered by our lecturer, as it has been pivotal for inspiration. The various photography exhibits and the opportunity to share these moments with our course leader further enhanced the sense of completeness and unity between tutors and learners that I have felt throughout the course.

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