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A pair of worn jeans lay on a table next to a black paint pot. The jeans have butterflies painted on them in the black paint.

Eco-Fashion Design and Construction (stage 2)

  • Ages: 12-15
  • Term: Summer
  • Length: 8 weeks


In answer to 'fast fashion', this timely course gives young artists aged 12-15 have the chance to explore eco-fashion and sustainable practices.

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What you need to know

When does it run?

Summer 2024

Saturday 6 April – 25 May 2024

How long is the course?

8 Saturdays

What time are the classes?


Who's this course for?

This course has been developed for fashionistas aged 12-15.

Does my young artist need any qualifications or experience?

Your young artist doesn't need any previous experience, however it's beneficial for them to have completed our Fashion Design and Styling Saturday Art School course.

If your young artist has a passion for fashion and all things sustainable, then this course is ideal for them to learn new skills relevant to their areas of interest. Likewise, it's perfect for aspiring designers to explore future fashion trends, and those considering future studies in fashion.

I’m not sure if this is suitable for my young artist. Can I speak to someone?

Yes of course! If you'd like to discuss if this course is suitable for your young artist, get in touch with us: email or call +44 (0) 1202 363222.

How much does this course cost?


What's included in this price?

  • All course materials and resources
  • Everything your young artist will need to take part in the course will be provided by us – no hidden costs!

  • Classes are practical, so wear clothes that you don't mind your young artists getting messy.
  • Drinks and snacks for break time and duration of class; please ensure snacks don't contain nuts
  • It's strongly advised phones, tablets and other valuables aren't brought to class. Any personal possessions are the responsibility of your young artist and AUB won't be liable for any loss or damage

About this course

'Fast fashion' is currently a hot topic and the spotlight is on the fashion industry to develop more sustainable practices. This timely and relevant special edition of Saturday Art School gives young artists aged 12-15 the chance to understand and practise eco-fashion design and construction.

On this exciting and highly engaging course your young artist will immerse themselves in the world of sustainable fashion and set their imagination free. They'll explore numerous construction methods and techniques, and experiment with a wide variety of fabrics and materials to transform their ideas into actual repurposed and wearable fashion items. In doing so, they'll develop their unique creative voice.

This course focuses solely on eco-friendly and sustainable fashion where used clothing items and surplus materials are repurposed through the process of deconstruction and redesign to produce innovative, green, fully functional items of stylish clothing.

Your young artist will undertake a series of projects that explore the best working practices and methods in creating sustainable clothing, and how to readapt from today’s throw-away fashion culture, so-called 'fast fashion'.

Throughout the course, your young artist will examine approaches in reconstructing valuable materials and fabrics, explore the design process and experiment with styling methods. This'll include prototyping designs fitted and draped on mannequins to produce a range of distinctive and exciting garments ready for the catwalk.

  • Explore eco-fashion and how fashion can evolve to become sustainable
  • Introduction to fashion illustration and design methods
  • Drawing, sketching and idea development
  • Practical techniques to repurpose existing items of clothing, including processes to deconstruct and redesign
  • Construction skills and techniques
  • Explore styling options to understand how garments can be designed to create full outfits
  • Prototyping using mannequins to fit and drape fabric
  • Experiment with different types of fabric and embellishments
  • An understanding of how the fashion industry is changing and the direction in which the fashion industry is moving

At the end of the course your young artist will:

  • Possess improved drawing and artistic techniques, including fashion illustration
  • Discover new approaches to sustainability in fashion and a deeper understanding of this issue
  • Possess necessary skills, techniques, and methods for garment construction
  • Have increased confidence in their own skills as a fashion designer and stylist
  • Have boosted creativity and imagination
  • Untap their potential and talent
  • Appreciate teamwork and team building ethics
  • Be encouraged to experiment and explore their ideas
  • Feel inspired by the new skills they've learnt and from sharing ideas with new friends
  • Have the foundations to continue creating beyond this course
  • You can request a certificate to confirm your young artist's achievements, providing they have 100% attendance record. To request a certificate please get in touch with us at and confirm name of your young artist and the title of course they've completed

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Meet your young artist's tutor

Molly Alice

Molly Cheeseman

Whilst completing her masters in Fashion Design from Winchester School of Art

Beyond the course

This could just be the start of your young artist's creative journey! After this course, your young artist could further their artistic skills with alternative Saturday Art School subjects or look forward to the future and the next step(s) in their creative journey by exploring AUB's Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media.

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At Saturday Art School we encourage your young artists to be themselves; there's no right or wrong way to be creative.

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