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Close-up of an oil painting with words reading "So real" and "the closest thing to living" graffitied on it.

Fine Art pathway leader exhibits in London show


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Sam Jackson’s paintings are not always what they seem. His work appears to be portraits, but they are in fact “paintings that invoke portraiture combined with a hint of the readymade. They are paintings that start life as depictions of portraits – or memories of portraits.”

“Sam Jackson’s paintings have the appearance of apparition. They look as if they were portraits of the ‘departed’ as if summoned by a medium. The theatrical or performative analogy can be extended to a kind of ventriloquy in which the painter voices the cipher or image.” – Graham Crowley, London.

Speaking about the show, Sam explained:

“If what was once real is now imagined, how do I remember an autobiography of stories unresolved?”

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