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The Grantham Together logo designed by Millie Whitlock

Foundation student designs logo for Grantham government drive


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Millie Whitlock, a student on Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)’s Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media has won a competition designing a logo for a new government drive in her hometown of Grantham.

“The brief was to create a logo for ‘Grantham Together’,” explains Millie. “The logo had to include the word ‘Grantham’, work well on their social media platforms and be representative of the town.

“I spent a long time perfecting the shape of my logo, producing many slight variations, playing with colours (which were taken from the landscape of Grantham), making sure it was scalable and unique enough to be recognisable. I also created a bespoke typeface for the branding and really luxuriated in the process of refining it – type is a keen interest of mine.”

Millie also created button designs to be used for social media purposes, which she says helped her to create a fully realised visual language. This included a heart icon to be used for the campaign’s charity work.

While she says it’s something she’s always been interested in, Millie had never done any logo or graphic design until starting AUB’s Foundation course. Prior to this, her background had been more textiles and fine art-based.

And while winning the competition earned her a prize of £500, Millie says her victory hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

“I don’t imagine it will until I start seeing the logo actually being used,” she says. “The whole process has given me a massive boost in confidence.”

“Before Foundation, I had no experience of graphics and was somewhat worried this may hold me back. The longs hours of getting to grips with Illustrator and going over what we’ve done in workshops have been worth it.”

Steph Horan, lecturer in the Foundation Diploma’s Graphic Communication specialism, commended Millie’s proactivity and the sensitivity with which she approached the live competition brief.

She explains: “The Foundation course encourages idea generation and experimentation, which was evident in this project brief from the handmade typography, to print making, and Millie’s ability to reflect and evaluate her design decision making as part of her creative process.

“We hope the skills learned on the Foundation course will lead students to unlock their potential and build their confidence for their future careers. Well done, Millie – we’re so proud of your success!”

Foundation Diploma course leader Joshua Read added praise of Millie’s conscientiousness and dedication, as well as her “exceptionally high standard” of work and her “keen eye for the design aesthetic”.

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