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AUB24 X Bestival: Student Designs used at Bestival


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Earlier this year AUB ran its annual project: AUB24, with this year's client, Bestival.

Students worked together in cross-course teams to devise creative solutions responding to Bestival's brief; ways to keep festivals green and clean. The students then pitched their ideas to Bestival, who would consider using them at the festival.

Bestival considered all the teams' ideas, and were impressed with the dedication and input from the students. Unable to choose one winning team, they invited several teams to a brainstorming day at Bestival HQ in the summer, where they worked on ideas they could use at this year's festival.

All students who took part in AUB24 X Bestival were offered a ticket to the festival in exchange for working shifts for the Bestival Green Team, playing an important role in keeping the festival clean and ensuring people recycle.

We caught up some of the students who saw their designs used at Bestival:

Katie Barker, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, said "We enjoyed the AUB24 X Bestival project. The brief was to help keep Bestival tidy, and to get the message across that people need to take their tents home at the end of a festival.

"Myself and Robyn worked on the same team, we came up with the campaign ‘pack it up pack it in’, to encourage festival-goers to take their tents home, and the slogan 'a tent is for life not just for Bestival!"

Along with the catchy slogan, the team designed a logo which Bestival used on the Green Team's Dickies boiler suit uniforms:

"We designed the Teepee motif, which has been used at the festival both on billboards, along with our slogans ‘a tent is for life not just for Bestival' and ‘pack it up pack it in’, and on the Green Team uniforms. It’s been really cool to see our ideas used at the festival."

Robyn Dickins, BA (Hons) Textiles, added: "The day at Bestival HQ was a like a development day, quite similar to AUB24 in a way, but more of a mini version. We worked together with other teams from AUB24 X Bestival developing ideas that could be used at the festival. Up to that point, we hadn’t seen what other groups had worked on, so it was cool to see their ideas too.

"We are glad to be involved with the Green Team and be at Bestival; we’ve worked one three-hour shift a day which is great as we still get to enjoy the festival."

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