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Digital Art – Creative Pixels

  • Ages: 15-18
  • Dates: 4-15 August 2025


Designed with the future in mind, this two-week intensive summer course is perfect for students aged 15-18 looking to explore and expand their skills in digital art generation using the latest computer applications, digital tools, and creative technologies.

Booking will open soon for this course; please check back. Alternatively, sign up for updates and be the first to find out when this course is open for bookings.

What you need to know

Monday 4 August – Friday 15 August 2025

Monday – Friday 09.00-17.00

Saturday 10.00-16.00


Suitable for aspiring artists aged 15-18.

Experience or qualifications required

There are no formal academic entry requirements or qualifications needed to study this course. We only ask that you come with a passion for the creative arts and plenty of enthusiasm!

English language

This course will be taught in English. We don't require you hold an English language qualification, however we recommend you have an intermediate level of English in order to benefit fully from your experience, and be able to communicate with your tutors and fellow students.

If you'd like to discuss if this course is suitable for you, get in touch with us: or +44 (0) 1202 363222.

All course materials and equipment/resources are included in the course fee.

Optional extras

You can choose to add the following optional extras to your course fee:

  • Residential and full-board catering
  • Private taxi transfer to/from any London airport

See below for further details about our residential package.


You can secure your place on the course today with just a 25% deposit of your total fee. Choose this option when you book your place. Refer to the table below for prices.

Package Price 25% deposit

Course fee only



Course and residential catering



Course, catering and airport taxi



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Residential packages for 2-week summer courses (15-18yrs)

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FAQs for 2-week summer courses

These FAQs have been carefully curated to answer any questions you may have about studying a creative summer course with us here at AUB.

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Terms and conditions for 2-week summer courses

Please read our terms and conditions before booking a summer course and contact us if you have any questions.

About this course

This new cutting-edge summer course will allow you to explore and experiment with today’s technology to offer your tomorrow’s creative possibilities. With access to AUB’s professional computer digital suites, the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite, tablet devices, virtual reality tools, and emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms, you'll explore and experiment with alternative exciting methods and practices to produce digital art that expresses and reveals your inner creative visual voice.

You'll learn how to use computer applications and creative technologies to produce unique digital art, including software programs such as Blender 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate. You'll also explore digital video content creation using Adobe Premier Pro, and various 3D printing programs.

Focusing primarily on creative art and design production, this summer course is ideal if you're currently studying and practising traditional art methods and wish to understand and explore alternative methods to express yourself artistically in digital format.

You'll undertake a number of challenging art and design projects to develop your creative flair from analogue to digital output. Initially, you'll be introduced to the key concepts of converting traditional art and design work using a variety of digital tools, and understand how you can adapt and enhance your creations using digital technologies to compliment your personal vision. As the course progresses, you'll work entirely in digital layout; experimenting with different digital applications to express yourself whilst advancing your skills using a variety of digital tools and techniques to develop your creative abilities and confidence.

Throughout the course, you'll explore relevant professions such as games design, concept art, content creation, graphic novel illustration, as well as various methods of digital output. You'll understand how to best showcase your work, and how to prepare a digital portfolio. At the end of the course, there'll be an exhibition to showcase your completed work and receive group critique of the work produced. Your tutor will assess your progress and development throughout the course, and will provide feedback as you go along.

  • Introduction to digital art and leading digital artists.
  • Exploring and understanding essential digital applications and tools.
  • Develop your creative identity and furnish you with digital skills.
  • Research workshops: digital environment, colour palettes, automation.
  • Practical workshops converting analogue artwork and concepts to digital format.
  • Working exclusively in the digital sphere.
  • Creating and generating your own personal digital art project.
  • Explore options for displaying and promoting digital artwork including print, web publication, and virtual reality showcasing.
  • A full itinerary of extracurricular evening and weekend activities, including a weekend cultural excursion at no additional cost.

  • Provide extended practical sessions to develop your digital design skills in a professional Higher Education setting.
  • Develop your drawing, observational skills and aesthetic awareness in relation to art and design.
  • Develop your understanding of the key principles of digital design and the importance of the research process.
  • Enable you to develop your individual identity and visual voice through a series of exploratory and experimental projects/workshops.
  • Develop your skills and ability communicating your art and design ideas confidently and effectively through verbal presentations including sketches and written work.
  • Enable you to explore industry standard digital resources, developing your confidence and understanding of appropriate use of digital tools and applications and best practice.
  • Enhance your understanding of core digital skills and techniques; how to communicate visually and respond creatively to a brief.
  • Enable you to produce a digital portfolio of work for future development or use at interview.
  • Enhance your understanding of important historical, social and cultural issues related to digital art and their influence on contemporary art and design.
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of the creative industries, often as a collaborative production process and the specialist roles within this process (art, fine art, design, visual communication, graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, modelmaking, and 3D design).
  • Encourage your reflective skills through the critique of your own and others’ work, as well as through the critical study of key digital art concepts.

  • Work produced during the course will be collated into a digital journal for you to add to your portfolio or for future development.
  • Your course tutors will offer guidance and support you with your creative applications, as well as feedback on your work and offer advice for your future creative studies.
  • All students with 100% course attendance will be issued with an official AUB Summer Course certificate detailing course contents and study hours.
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Future options to study at AUB

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If you're an International fee-paying summer student that progresses to study full-time at AUB – to either the one-year Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media or a three-year undergraduate degree – you're guaranteed to receive a £3,000 bursary for your first year of study.

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