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Watercolour of two flamingo's

Sketching and Watercolour

This course offers a hands-on approach to the world of sketching or ‘art on the go’. Ideal for all levels and abilities, it provides a relaxed way to build upon your drawing skills whilst enjoying the environment around you.

Course overview

Autumn term: Monday 5 October – Monday 23 November plus Saturday 21 November 2020
Spring term: Monday 11 January – Monday 1 March plus Saturday 20 February 2021


8 Evening sessions 18.00-21.00
1 Saturday session 09.30-16.30


Sarah L Goy



Course details

Sketching and drawing is fundamental to everything we do and throughout history every great artist and designer has kept a sketch book. A personal visual ‘journal’, it offers a place to experiment, record special moments or work through your ideas for a more advanced project.

During the course you will explore the fundamentals of drawing and observation including how to capture spontaneous and honest moments. You will use a variety of materials and techniques including pencils, watercolour and charcoal looking at genres such as landscape, botanical, objects and animals. It also includes a session in AUB’s unique Crab drawing studio with a dressed model giving you the opportunity to develop your drawing and sketching skills of the human form. Colour and design knowledge will be explored further through the university’s on-campus museum, MODIP, (Museum of Design in Plastic) as well as a potential location session.

  • Experienced guidance from an artist specialising in sketching and water-colour
  • Learning to see and sketch the world around you
  • Developing skills with pencil, pens, water-colour and charcoal creating lively drawing through expressive use of line and mark making
  • Tone, contrast, textures, colour and form
  • Capturing movement and basic perspective
  • Basic techniques to approach landscape, botanical, animals, objects and people.
  • Being inspired by techniques used by past artists – with handouts

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Photograph of Sarah L Goy

Sarah L Goy

Having graduated from Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design Sarah is a qualified illustrator and a contemporary artist.

The course aims to:

  • Enable students to gain confidence in their drawing and observational skills
  • Experiment and develop ideas discovering new approaches to creating
  • Learn some basic water colour techniques and apply to sketching
  • Learn to use the sketchbook as a visual journal or as research for an art project
  • A means to relax through art in any location

  • Students will feel confident approaching observation drawing, in a range of medium and techniques
  • Group share of sketches done at the end of each session with the intention to support, inspire and encourage each other’s learning
  • Students will develop a sketchbook of experimental and finished works in a variety of mediums. This could be a bridge to further courses

Suitable for most levels, from beginners, to students exploring ideas for exhibitions or HE applications and wanting a bridge to further courses, or those who want to step away from digital world and build on their skills to create lively sketching and painting.

  • Good quality hard back A4 sketchbook (Pink Pig, Sea Whites or similar)
  • Pencils 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B
  • Charcoal
  • Set of black fine line drawing pens (Permanent Ink)
  • Putty, plastic eraser, pencil sharpener
  • Water colour paints – Pans (Winsor and Newton Cotman sketching range – set of 12)
  • Pro-arte Water colour paint brushes set of 5
  • A roll of cheap lining paper

All additional course materials are included in the course fee.