AUB has celebrated an unprecedented year of sustainability success after receiving EcoCampus Platinum and an International Organisation Standard for its environmentally friendly campus.

Staff and students from Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) have been celebrating the awarding of a top environmental standard after a rigorous two-year auditing process by international standards body ISO.

The international standard ISO14001:2015 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organisation can use to enhance its environmental performance by managing its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner. AUB will also gain EcoCampus Platinum, a national environmental management system award scheme for the further and higher education sector.

The awarding comes after a year of efforts to minimise environmental impact through a number of campus and university-wide initiatives. In 2019, AUB produced less waste than it did in 2013 despite campus growth and development, with a record-high campus recycling rate of 59 per cent and record low carbon dioxide equivalent emissions and energy use, in line with the university’s sustainability plan.

AUB’s Sustainability Awards has celebrated final-year student work with an innovative approach to sustainability, and AUB Students’ Union has continued its ‘Pack for Good’ initiative which sees students recycle and donate their unwanted clothes through a national charity. The Students’ Union have also worked to achieve a rating of excellent in Green Impact, a United Nations award-winning programme designed to support environmentally and socially sustainable practice.

AUB will also install a dedicated Beryl-bike bay at its Wallisdown campus, continuing to encourage sustainable travel for both staff and students, and has removed plastic cups from the campus completely, piloting a scheme to subside the purchase of metal water bottles for its staff and students.

Bournemouth Film School, the University’s award-winning department for film, TV, media and performance has also committed to the environmental certification body, Albert, which ensures that productions actively reduce their carbon footprint.