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MA Graphic Design Welcome Guide - Overview
Your Welcome Guide

We're delighted to have you join us at Arts University Bournemouth, and hope that your time here will be rewarding, challenging, creative and enjoyable.

Welcome to the MA Graphic Design course

This welcome pack is designed to give you an idea of what to expect during the first weeks of your course. Please take the time to read it carefully and take particular note of the pre-course preparation. The team and I hope that you'll enjoy a happy and productive time with us and look forward to meeting you in October.

A message from your Course Leader

Congratulations on achieving a place on the MA Graphic Design course! I would like to welcome you as a Postgraduate student studying here at Arts University Bournemouth.

I hope that you are excited, as I am, by the prospect of the challenges that this period of advanced study will bring, and that you will immerse yourself in the activities that we have planned. The nature of the course offers significant opportunities for you to think beyond your chosen discipline and it is this richness and sharing of ideas, along with a preparedness to take creative risks, that renders, in our experience, meaningful, imaginative and intellectually rewarding outcomes.

In your first term we will be reflecting on what it is to communicate and how we can design communication, exploring ways of collecting data and of using them to arrive at insightful and impactful outcomes.

Looking forward to working with you.

- Phil Jones, Course Leader

Before you join us

There is no summer project but check out the recommended reading below that will introduce some of the themes, methods, and theories that we promote on the course.

Recommended Reading: The Library here at AUB is extremely well resourced and includes all key texts that you will need. The list below indicates the key texts that will be useful throughout your studies, all of these are available from the Library at AUB. You might want to borrow a copy from your local library to look at before you arrive.

Crouch, C., & Pearce, J. (2012). Doing Research in Design. New York: Berg.

GBH (2017). Charm, Belligerence & Perversity: The Incomplete Works of GBH. London: Black Dog Publishing.

Hara, K. (2008). Designing Design, 2nd ed., Baden: Lärs Muller Publishers.

Martin, B., & Hanington, B. (2012). Universal Methods of Design: 100 Ways to Research Complex Problems, Develop Innovative Ideas, and Design Effective Solutions. Beverly: Rockport Publishers.

  • Eye Magazine
  • IDEA Magazine

If you read one thing before you arrive, we recommend...

Doing Research in Design

Crouch, C., & Pearce, J. (2012).

What to bring on your first day

  • Notepad and pens/pencils
  • A smile

You are encouraged to bring your own Laptop and Mobile device to AUB to support Online Learning, Collaboration and Communication whilst at University.

We provide access to a range of free software and discounts on Apple and Dell hardware. We recommend that you wait until you have set up your AUB IT account to access this free software and discounted hardware if you are planning on investing in a new computer.

Even if your course does not specifically use Adobe Creative Cloud we would recommend that you try to make sure your computer is able to run this software.

We recommend that you format any external hard-drives/USB sticks to work on both Apple and Windows.

The course computers are Apple based.

The nature of the course means that you may need to use your computer on and off-campus. We therefore recommend that a portable laptop would be better than a desktop.

The course includes the use of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite software. We recommend a computer capable of running this.

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We're delighted to have you join us at Arts University Bournemouth
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Next Steps

Find out the useful dates and contact before you start here
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We are looking forward to welcoming you to MA Graphic Design this year in just a few weeks!