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A group of directors and actors from Kayleigh Benham's play 'Saint', posed with a puppet in front of a cross in red lighting, black background.

Kayleigh Benham – BA (Hons) Creative Writing


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Course: BA (Hons) Creative Writing

Graduated: 2022

Since graduating, Kayleigh's continued to develop an interest in making theatre.

In 2023, they started a remote social media role that would allow them the freedom to create theatre, and after graduating, they spent five weeks in Edinburgh working as stage crew at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, building connections and seeing other inspiring work. They then moved to Brighton and fully established their creative collective Halfway Down, which was initially put together in their final year of university. Kayleigh then directed their debut play with the collective.

Saint premiered in Brighton on 16 March 2024 to a sold-out audience. A queer one-woman show, the show utilises projection art, religious tradition and even puppetry to tell a humorous and touching coming-of-age story. The performance was a great success and Kayleigh is currently preparing to show the production at the Brighton Fringe. They have big plans, hoping to begin development on a bigger puppet-based show in the autumn. Kayleigh wrote their dissertation on The Muppets and loves creating the weird and wonderful from puppetry.

In their nine-to-five as a social media manager, Kayleigh has recently been involved in work that's won several awards, as well as being shortlisted at the prestigious SABRE Awards, a cornerstone awards programme.

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