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An F1 race car speeding round the track with onlookers.

Finlay Williams – wedding successes, the Nürburgring 24 Hours, and beyond…


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In 2015, my grandad gifted me his entire photography kit. At the time all I used was a GoPro, but he noticed I had a passion for photography. Despite only being a hobbyist, he sacrificed his equipment to kickstart my career. I’m now proud to say I’ve returned the equipment to him, and it has transformed me as a creative and a person. I began my photographic studies at school, first at GCSE level and then at A-Level alongside Film and 3D Design at Exeter College. During this time of study, I began to build a career in wedding videography.

Since studying BA (Hons) Commercial Photography at AUB, I’ve noticed my wedding films levelling up in quality and value. My lecturers are constantly challenging us to consider the narrative and quality in our work. This influence has not only reflected in my university projects but also in my wedding films. I’ve even seen a 200% increase in bookings, reaching a total of 18 weddings over the summer of 2024. I’ve also been working for The UK Drum Show, Drummer’s Review and Acoustic Review, providing photography and video on a weekly basis.

I have a great devotion for anything motorsport. For one of my projects, I travelled to Germany to capture the famous Nürburgring 24 Hours. This is what I enjoy about studying a creative course at AUB – there are no limits. The video I created documents the monstrousness and danger of the event, utilising a drone in some scenarios. I also produced portraits of the race marshals to go alongside the documentary. I thoroughly enjoyed this project, and it inspired me to pursue automotive photography into Level 5 of my degree.

Heading into second year, I wanted to focus on advertising in the automotive industry. I sourced an Audi Q5 for a few photo shoots in the beautiful Exmoor National Park. Here, I showed off the practicality, technology and luxury nature of the car and Audi as a brand. After executing thorough post-production, enhancing the image, and adding text, the series came out to be successful and inspiring for the future. Heading into 2024, I’m looking into making my automotive work stand out from my competitors. We’re given a self-directed brief for this term, which really provides us with zero boundaries.

Explore more of Finlay's work on his website.

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