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Ed Sharp — Once I had visited, I fell in love with the campus and the course: Creative Events Management


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I never planned on coming to AUB, I had it down as my back-up university and came to visit just in case I didn’t get into my first choice, but once I had visited, I fell in love with the campus and the course: Creative Events Management.

The flexibility to explore many different types of events was the main pull, with most other courses I had researched being focused in some way, and that in my vision limited my possibilities for exploration. Bournemouth itself is fantastic also. While it may lack the big city experience that other universities have, there aren’t many that have such an amazing beach on their doorstep. While COVID-19 has limited my uni experiences, AUB worked hard to accommodate our courses through the pandemic, giving us the opportunity to learn things that we may not have learnt in a normal university experience, such as exploration into online events.

Facilities at AUB are great. SiSO allows you to hire out equipment to use, potentially for your own private project, helping you develop your skills and ideas for free.

For my work placement, I chose to work with the AUB marketing team on AUB FESTIVAL. It gave me insight into a part of events that I didn’t have much experience in, I quite like the idea of Producing, so getting an understanding of all parts of events is very important to me. It also gave me my first experience of working within a large organisation with lots of different teams, this taught me some very valuable lessons.

I’d recommend AUB to someone looking for a more personal uni experience, where the tutors actually know who you are instead of being a number in a couple of hundred people on a course. The collaborative environment is also great, giving you the opportunity to work with other courses and learn new things.

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