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Brandon Bolland – Combining journalism, fashion styling, collaboration and creative direction


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Coming out of graduation, I’ve gone on to win the Fashion Styling and Creative Direction Award, and was shortlisted for The Terry Mansfield Publication Award at Graduate Fashion Week 2024, as well as winning the AUB Enterprise Award 2023/24.

My university experience has been so amazing – it took a while to get here, after having done my foundation year in 2019 and studying Journalism for a year before ultimately studying BA (Hons) Fashion Branding and Communications at AUB in 2021.

Throughout my studies I have been pursuing fashion styling on the side and using my studies to help bolster this. Working with magazines, model agencies, photographers and stylists. With published work and award winning photo shoots, a recent portrait from an editorial making it onto the Best of PhotoVogue website.

My final university project is MASC Magazine, a male presenting fashion publication that encourages freedom in fashion, style and creativity. MASC was born from my own personal relationship with fashion and was developed to combine all my skills I’d obtained over my years of study, combining journalism, branding, fashion styling, marketing, collaboration and creative direction. Getting to work with so many creatives has been the most meaningful take-away from my studies. Getting to work with other university students on campus, as well as bringing in creatives from outside of university has been so amazing.

Putting MASC together was a challenge – creating a magazine solely on your own is a huge feat. Beginning with branding, logo design, font and layout design, editorial layouts, flat plans and research. To then go on and begin interviewing music artists, influencers, bringing in advertising and brand selection. It was certainly a huge challenge, but coming out the other side feels so overwhelming. I’m also really proud to be continuing with MASC Magazine beyond graduation, with its official launch in 2025.

One thing I would really push for students going through a creative course is to collaborate with as many people as possible and really push to work with other students or professionals. That has been where I’ve personally gained the most amount of experience and it’s created this really amazing network of creatives I can contact once I graduate. Collaborating this early on as much as you can, will set you up so nicely ready for industry once graduation rolls around.

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