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AUB launches new school and eight courses for 2024

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Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is to expand its portfolio with the introduction of a new school and eight new undergraduate courses.

These new programmes, some of which will comprise the new School of Arts, Media, and Creative Industries Management, will take effect for the 2024/25 academic year.

Lisa Mann, AUB’s Executive Director of Academic Innovation said, The creative industries have never stood still, but perhaps this has never been truer than today. New technologies are transforming the opportunities for people with the creative and management skills to help shape changes in how we communicate, how we build relationships and communities, how we entertain ourselves, start businesses, shop and address issues such as sustainability and health and wellbeing.”

The new school of Arts, Media and Creative Industries Management, will be home to three of the new courses BA (Hons) Creative Direction, BA (Hons) Curation, Exhibition and Experience Design and BA (Hons) Communication Design and Strategy.

The existing School of Design and Architecture will be augmented by three new courses – BA (Hons) Design for Sustainable Futures, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design for Health and Wellbeing and BA (Hons) Creative Technologies.

The existing School of Arts and Communication will benefit from one new course – BA (Hons) Games Art and Design.

In addition, from 2024, AUB’s Bournemouth Film School will also benefit from a new online version of its successful Creative Writing course – BA (Hons) Creative Writing (Online).

Lisa Mann added, “The new School of Arts, Media and Creative Industries Management and seven brand-new undergraduate courses are all designed to be engines of change within the creative industries.

“But AI is also transforming the industries and the world of work beyond the creative sector - more than ever putting creativity at the forefront of employers’ minds when it comes to creating the roles that machines cannot replace.

“This year AUB is celebrating 140 years at the crossroads of creative education and industry. You can’t maintain that kind of relevancy as an institution without reinvention.”

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