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A model in a feathered costume and jeans lies back with their arms outstretched like wings.

Photographer Sophia Cliffe is inspired by high-end fashion aesthetics

I am a fashion photographer inspired by high-end fashion aesthetics, using bolts of colours and textures to create a surreal and graphical image.


I studied Commercial Photography at BA level where l I learnt a lot about the aesthetics of fashion photography, lighting and manipulation and I believe that I have progressed that through studying an MA. I have also become aware of the environmental and socio-economic issues, particularly looking at sustainability in fashion. I have explored the damaging effects fashion has on our environment, such as the immense water usage and corrosive chemicals.

In my final MA project I researched into the ways in which we can help change the fashion industry to become more sustainable, such as extending the life of garments through customising them. These images present the work that I love to produce, some inspired by current issues that are at the forefront of the fashion industry.