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Child hanging upside-down from gym hoops in a garden. A block of text appears in the bottom-right corner.

Ramon Colsa — Faces of a pandemic

Faces of a pandemic is a portrait-based photography series focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic.


The coronavirus outbreak has changed the lives of us all over the world, so I decided to undertake this project, focusing on personal experiences and sharing individual opinions of people around London. I have been stopping people in London and surrounding areas and interviewing them about how their lives have changed over this period, their best and worst experiences during lockdown and how they see the immediate future.

Since the beginning of lockdown, I have been in contact with many people and I have been curious about how people lived the lockdown. Every person has lived this historical moment in a different way and that to show that was the aim of the project. Many of us are living a global pandemic for the first time in our life and I believe that this project can be an important social document for posterity.