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Preethika Asokan

One of the best things about studying in an international environment is that it brings you into contact with people from all over the world, which exposes you to a variety of different cultures.


What are the factors that influence each culture and its people? Are we biologically wired differently? And does culture affect the way we perceive and interpret visuals? All these riveting questions led to the core of my project.

The body of work explores the multicultural perception of Individualist and Collectivist cultures with the help of existing hypotheses in cross-cultural psychology.

As part of my final project, I designed an office card game that can help multicultural organisations identify the potential of both individualists and collectivists in the workspace. The game is about embracing and testing out both sides of the cultural spectrum in a fun, lively manner. I believe understanding the cross-cultural differences in institutional and organisational dimensions will create a healthy and fruitful work environment.

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