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Interior Architecture and Design Welcome Guide

Preparing for your course

We're delighted to have you join us at Arts University Bournemouth, and hope that your time here will be rewarding, challenging, creative and enjoyable.

Welcome to BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

This welcome pack is designed to give you an idea of what to expect during the first weeks of your course. Please take the time to read it carefully and take particular note of the pre-course preparation. We hope that you'll enjoy a happy and productive time with us, and we look forward to meeting you in October.

A message from your Course Leader

On behalf of my team, I am delighted to welcome you to Arts University Bournemouth.

Within this Welcome Guide, you'll find important information on preparing for starting your studies. Please read this carefully and refer to it before commencing your course. The course team and I are excited to welcome you in October. We're very much looking forward to meeting you.

Congratulations on your place. This year, there's been keen competition for places on the IAD course and you should be reassured that your offer was made on the grounds of your potential. You'll be part of a growing student body made up of people from a wide variety of cultural and educational backgrounds. This ensures a lively studio atmosphere and your course team are sure that you'll participate fully. The team expects that your focus and contribution in class and the quality of your project work will reflect the commitment you've made to higher education.

At University level, it's expected that additional reading and research is undertaken to supplement your lectures and tutorials. Units and assessment will be explained to you by your tutor. However, it's crucial that you organise your time, as deadlines are strict and effective time management will be in your best interest. Work hard and stay focussed. Though we expect a lot from you we hope you'll enjoy your time at AUB and wish you every success.

Congratulations on your place at AUB – we very much look forward to an exciting and diverse three years.

- Monica Franchin RIBA, Course Leader

Before you join us

The Library here at AUB is extremely well resourced and includes all key texts that you will need. The list below indicates the texts that will be useful throughout your studies. All of these are available from the Library at AUB. You might want to borrow a copy from your local library to look at before you arrive but it is NOT intended that you should buy any of these at this stage.

  • Booth, S & Plunkett, D (2014). Furniture for Interior Design. Laurence King.
  • Ching, FD K (2002). Architectural Graphics. Van Nostrand & Reinhold.
  • Littlefield, D. (2012). Fvletric Handbook: Planning & Design Data. London: Routledge.
  • Pile, J. (2004). A History of Interior Design. London: Laurence King.
  • Plunkett, D (2010). Construction and Detailing for Interior Design (Portfolio Skills). Laurence King.
  • Ross, A., Hetreed, J. & Baden-Powell, C. (2011). Architect’s Pocket Book. London: Architectural Press.
  • Brooker, G & Stone, S (2008). Context & Environment (Basics Interior Architecture Series 02). Lausanne: AVA Academia.
  • Cairns, G (2013). Reinventing Architecture and Interiors: A Sociopolitical View on Building Adaptation. Libri Publishing.
  • Ching, FD K & Binggeli, C (2004). Interior Design Illustrated. Van Nostrand & Reinhold.
  • Frampton, K. (1980). Modern Architecture, A Critical History. London: Thames & Hudson.
  • Gagg, R. (2012). Texture & Materials (Basics Interior Architecture Series 05). Lausanne: AVA Academia.
  • Massey, A. (2008). Interior Design Since 1900. London: Thames & Hudson.
  • McGowan, M. & Kruse, K. (2004). Interior Graphic Standards. New Jersey: J Wiley & Sons.
  • Rasmussen, S. E. (1962). Experiencing Architecture. Boston: MIT Press.
  • Silver, P & McLean, W & Evans, P (2014). Structural Engineering for Architects: A Handbook. Laurence King.
  • Taylor, M. & Preston, J. (2006). Intimus: Interior Design Theory Reader. Chichester: Wiley.
  • Farrelly, L. (2004). Representational Techniques (Basic Architecture Series 01). Lausanne: AVA Academia.

Recommended Journals:

  • Frame
  • Domus
  • Interior
  • Wallpaper

Recommended Online Magazines:

There is no summer project for this course.

Current student work

Have a look through some of the work our current students are producing to get an idea of the type of work you may be making on our course.

What to bring on your first day

Curiosity, questions and something to take notes with.

Course materials

The majority of materials that you'll use are supplied by the course. If we're not able to, for any reason, then the course team will suggest appropriate local or online suppliers to purchase materials.

IAD tries to keep any additional costs to a minimum but there'll be occasions where you'll want to make and produce work that uses materials we're unable to supply. Again, staff can discuss local and online suppliers where you can purchase the materials you need.

We recommend you have:

  • Memory stick for handing in work
  • External hard drive for backing up work
  • A computer mouse with USB connection

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We're delighted to have you join us at Arts University Bournemouth
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