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Industry - Overview

Our strong maker culture puts collaboration at the heart of our everything we do

Case Studies and Industry Secondments

Take a look at some of our recent collaborative projects with external partners and how we support the creative and digital, manufacturing, health and leisure industries.

Our staff are constantly engaging with the industry to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to date. The Industry Secondment is a new scheme that supports staff on short placements to work with companies such as Aardman, Amazon and Industrial Light and Magic.

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Alumna Mea Warburton, holding up a pair of shoes

Creative Exchange 2020: Portrait of a Graduate

The Creative Exchange exhibitions are a showcase of AUB’s knowledge exchange activities...

RNLI International - Women reading a document on the beach

RNLI International

AUB Innovation have been working with RNLI’s international team on R&D projects.

RNLI Design Out Drowning - A large, framed image of a man displayed in the countryside

RNLI Innovation 'Design Out Drowning'

AUB Innovation have been working with the RNLI in response to their nationwide design challenge ‘Design Out Drowning’.

Abstract image

IoT Solutions Group

Developing an MVP device for the internet of things. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

Abstract image

The Syrup Room

Testing new capabilities in Digital Fabrication. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

Colourful Lush bath bombs stacked on top of each other


Using digital fabrication to test package-free ideas. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

A man and a women in surf suits on the beach

Odyssey Innovation

Developing proof of concept recycled marine plastic handplanes. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

Four older gentlemen sitting on a bench


Developing wearable MedTech for the elderly market. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

Women using Sling Studio's products

Sling Studio

Developing Dorset-inspired textiles. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

Two men looking a CNC router whilst wearing protective earphones

Kindred Design

Experimenting with CNC routing in furniture design. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

Women using AR technology

Dorset Creative

Supporting MedTech innovation through digital fabrication. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

LoveLoveFilm's Bottle Island opening title

LoveLove Film

Developing an IP animation and production pipeline. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

Treehouse image of girl in hockey mask

Treehouse Digital

Developing a short horror film, ‘Treaters’. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

E-Cyclopic Bike Model


Developing e-Cyclopic, the world’s first spokeless foldable bike. Supported by European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

Five Toms Studio pens scribbling on a piece of paper

Tom's Studio

Tom’s Studio is a Dorset business run by craftsman, Tom Gyr. Tom makes and sells handmade high-end calligraphy pens to a global

A nurse reading to an old lady in a carehome


LV= also known as Liverpool Victoria, is an insurance company with headquarters in Bournemouth, Dorset.

The Wave at Burning Man


Suidsoup is a UK-based international group of artists, researchers, technologists and designers working

Women on a cliff using a Pongoose product


Pongoose is a Dorset climbing brand and specialist supplier of climbing equipment.

Yellow rain coats on display

Creative Exchange Exhibition

This exhibition ran from 15th December 2017 to February 15th 2018 and showcased collaborative projects between AUB and industry.

Barista & Co products

Barista & Co

Barista and Co are a Dorset company who design and produce coffee makers and accessories to UK and international markets.

Net Sensors

Net Sensors

Net Sensors is a manufacturing and service business for companies developing Internet of Things products.

BEAF Logo in colour

Bournemouth Emerging Acts Fringe

Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe, better known as ‘BEAF’ is a collective of artists collaborating with local communities

A hand holding black soil

Agile Planet

Graduate start-up Agile Planet have developed an innovative burner for producing biochar.

People sitting around a table looking up at a board


Ruhm is a start-up company based in Dorset that create design-led pre-fabricated spaces for outside the home.

Foam Forge product

Foam Forge

Waste foam is a significant issue and currently goes straight into landfill in the UK.

Women wearing a yellow beanie and dungarees making a pot with clay

Home Thrown Studio

Home Thrown Studio is a ceramic business run by artist, Gemma Mordle, in east Dorset.

Sofia Romero working in her studio

Sofia Romero

Sofia Romero Gutierrez is an AUB Costume and Performance Design graduate (2017).

Access Lift inside a boat

Access Lifts

Access Lifts is a specialist firm in central Dorset offering a wide range of access solutions for different modes of transport.

Animation of a pink and blue bird, watching a sunset

Small Fry Animation

Founded by AUB graduate David Blanche, Small Fry Animation are a boutique studio that pride themselves on their creative design

A man working on a desk at Studio Wood

Studio Wood

James Wood, founder of Studio Wood in Bournemouth, Dorset is an industrial designer whose company focuses

Man sketching on a piece of paper

Aetha Design

Aetha Design are a product design company based in Poole, Dorset.

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Colourful Lush bath bombs stacked on top of each other


We support our students to develop professional skills and our industry partners to develop innovative services and experiences
Abstract artwork made up of large blue and small yellow 'O's and red zigzag lines


A series of workshops and lectures for industry professionals to develop innovation and creative capabilities
Creative Exchange

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