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Painting of a human face made with multicoloured brush strokes.

Fine Art Festival (12-15yrs)


This action-packed course is just like a creative festival! It'll allow aspiring artists to immerse themselves in the world of fine art.

To book your young artist's place today, simply click the 'Book Now' button to be taken to AUB's secure online store, where you can complete your booking. You can also sign up to our newsletter for summer course updates.

What you need to know

When does it run?

Your young artist will study with us for five full days and each day will include six hours' worth of teaching, with breaks for snacks and lunch.

Plus, there's a bonus exhibition on the Friday immediately following the final day of teaching. The exhibition lasts for two hours, 16.00-18.00.

Friends and family are invited to attend the showcase so you can see what your young artist has been up to.

2024 dates

Dates Monday-Friday Friday exhibition

29 July – 2 August 2024



2025 dates

Dates Monday-Friday Friday exhibition

28 July – 1 August 2025



Where does it take place?

Classes will take place on AUB's campus Monday – Friday.

Your young artist will be taught in AUB's industry-standard studios with access to professional resources.

Who's this course for?

This course has been developed for aspiring fine artists aged 12-15.

Your aspiring designer doesn't need any previous experience; although it's beneficial if they already have some art and design skills.

Above all else, we ask that our young artists have an enthusiasm for all things fine art and a willingness to learn!

Why should your young artist choose this course?

This course is ideal for young artists wishing to explore fine art and build an exciting portfolio of work in a range of mediums – both contemporary and traditional.

Your young artist will learn alongside up to 16 other like-minded children, make friends, and have fun along the way.

At the end of the course, your young artist will leave with an increased confidence in their abilities, have a wealth of new skills that they can apply to their everyday life and beyond, and an excitement for future art and design studies.

How much does this course cost?


What's included in this price?

  • All course materials and resources

What should your young artist bring to class?

  • Everything your young artist will need to take part in the course will be provided – no hidden costs!
  • Your artist will need to bring a packed lunch with them every day, along with any drinks and snacks
  • Come prepared to get messy – classes will be practical and young artists will be getting stuck in each day
  • We discourage young artists from bringing valuables – e.g. phones and tablets – onto campus, as they'll be learning all around the campus and any valuables are therefore left in classrooms at the owners' risk

About this course

This highly practical and action-packed course is just like a creative festival! It'll allow aspiring artists to immerse themselves in the world of fine art, set their imagination free and find their creative voice. Along the way they'll explore a range of techniques, experiment with a wide variety of mediums and take the lead in their own specific fine art interests.

On this exciting course, young artists will practice a range of fine art creation techniques and explore themes to create artistic pieces that reflect their own personal interests. They'll practice with a wide range of materials, including charcoal, water and oil-based paints, clay, plaster, wire, and a range of mixed media. Plus, they'll learn new techniques when using different materials, enabling them to explore both traditional and contemporary methods.

Your young artist will put into practice what they've learnt throughout the week by applying their skills to individual projects to create artwork inspired by their own ideas and interests. They'll do this under the careful and expert guidance of their tutor, Aaron Peever.

Experiencing life on campus, your young artist will take advantage of various facilities and areas to offer inspiration. This will give your young artist the chance to explore opportunities and experience a different approach to creating fine art in a visually appealing and creative environment.

During the jam-packed week, your young artist will have the exciting opportunity to draw, paint and fashion the human figure (dressed model) in our specialist and unique life drawing studio.

At the end of each day, there'll be a supportive session to reflect and share each other’s work. In this session, as a group our young artists will discuss what has been practiced, giving them a deeper appreciation and understanding of fine art.

  • Introduction to theory, planning, methods and techniques
  • Study work of famous artists and explore their styles
  • Fine art terminology and analytical thinking
  • Explore and experiment with a wide range of materials, including charcoal, water and oil-based paints, clay, plaster, wire, and mixed media
  • Develop new techniques to work in a variety of materials
  • Develop an exciting and varied portfolio of fine art pieces
  • Learn the foundations to continue developing and creating beyond this course

  • Have increased confidence to develop and approach their ideas
  • Improved and refined skills
  • Have rapidly enhanced their specialist techniques and skills – both in understanding and application
  • Possess improved artistic abilities, skills and knowledge
  • Discover new approaches to creating
  • Feel inspired by the new skills they've learnt and from sharing ideas with new friends
  • Have a portfolio of experimental and finished fine art pieces

All students with 100% course attendance will be issued with an official AUB Short Course certificate of attendance.

After this course your young artist could:

  • Study a Portfolio Preparation course at Saturday Art School, to best prepare them to succeed with future applications to study fashion or art and design
  • Continue to harness their creativity; explore our full range of Saturday Art School courses to see where your creative journey will take you next
  • Consider their next creative steps and explore options to study a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design or BA (Hons) Fine Art
  • Continue to develop their skills at home as a hobby

  • Your young artist will study at a leading specialist university – so we know what we're doing when it comes to providing unparalleled courses
  • Our tutor, Aaron Peever, is an industry professional, so your young artist will learn from the best
  • We cater for all abilities and have no formal entry requirements for this course, so there's nothing holding your young artist back
  • They'll learn in a safe and encouraging environment where there's no right or wrong way to be creative
  • Young artists will benefit from our incredible campus and its industry-standard studios, plus use state-of-the-art equipment and software to unleash their creativity
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Meet your tutor

A person stands smiling at the camera. They're wearing a blue striped shirt.

Emily O'Hara

Emily O'Hara is an emerging artist from Bedfordshire, now living and working in Bournemouth having studied BA (Hons) Fine Art at AUB. 

Your young artists will and develop skills, methods, and specialist techniques to advance their fine art understanding. Your young artist will experiment with a wide range of different mediums and canvases, including charcoal, water and oil-based paints, clay, plaster, wire, and mixed media. They'll be encouraged to develop their own creative voice to produce a portfolio of experimental and finished pieces that shows their individual interests and personal view of the world around them.

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Terms and conditions for 2-week summer courses

Please read our terms and conditions before booking a summer course and contact us if you have any questions.

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