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BA (Hons) Dance

A message from the course

With great regret, we've decided to discontinue recruitment to our BA (Hons) Dance degree.

Over many years, AUB Dance has worked creatively and energetically with different audiences in a range of settings to bring invigorating and exciting performances that have thrilled and delighted participants and the public.

However, the performing arts sector is always changing and developing, and it's important that higher education reflects these challenges and opportunities.

Our decision will allow the University to consider the potential for the development of a new contemporary arts performance provision that future-proofs the subject area and responds to current and future market demands.

To do so, we've co-convened Dance Futures, which will bring together dance professionals, arts leaders, health professionals and educators in the region to consider how best to promote dance across different age groups and in all communities.

As always, our current students will be invited to play a part in that project, bringing their unique experiences and insights so that dance might continue to thrive in different formats across the region.

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Our BA (Hons) Dance course gives you a chance to perform, produce, create and collaborate within this ever-changing art form.

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