Graphic Design students at Arts University Bournemouth have created an exhibition of artwork in response to Brownsea Island’s Pollution Pods installation.

Students from AUB’s BA Graphic Design course were tasked with using a group of five geodesic domes situated at Brownsea Island in October as inspiration for student work, resulting in an exhibition of work highlighting the environmental dangers posed by climate change.

The five interconnected domes, created by artist Michael Pinsky, replicate climate and pollution conditions in some of the world’s most affected cities, including Sao Paulo, New Delhi and Beijing, were brought to Brownsea Island through a collaboration between AUB, Activate Dorset, Cape Farewell and the National Trust.

AUB’s Graphic Design students looked at water pollution, using water samples from Brownsea Island which were examined for pH level and contamination, as well as industrial and solvent pollution ‘Particle Matter’, and the effects of ‘fast’ fashion on the environment.