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Graphic of a continuous flow chart for the University's Mental Health Charter, there are four points learn, support, live and work

Mental Health Charter

Mental Health Charter

AUB aims to promote good mental health in staff and students, reflecting AUB values, sense of belonging and connection in our creative community.

Positive mental wellbeing at AUB

As the world recovers from the impact of the global pandemic, the mental health of university students and staff has been a focus of increasing concern in the UK. Over the last decade the number of UK students declaring a mental health condition has increased by 450% [i], leading to an unprecedented rise in demand for university support services. 26% of AUB students have disclosed a disability or mental health difficulty and in a recent survey, 94% of AUB students reported feeling lonely, compared with 78% nationally [ii].

Research into the mental health of staff in UK universities reveals higher levels of anxiety and lower life satisfaction than in the general population [iii] and significant rises in the number of staff accessing counselling and occupational health services [iv].

AUB is proud of its supportive creative community and the support available to students and staff. But we must build on this to promote positive cultures and good mental health for all members of our community.

AUB has committed to the Student Minds Mental Health Charter, adopting a whole university approach to promoting and supporting positive mental wellbeing. Building on our AUB values of collaborative, connected, innovative and passionate, we aim to facilitate staff and students to develop insight, understanding and skills to manage and maintain their own wellbeing.

Our charter submission summarises the work already undertaken by staff, students and AUBSU, and sets out future plans to promote a culture of mutual respect and understanding. Working together, we will offer the support, tools and opportunities that help us all to achieve positive wellbeing.

Case studies

Three people sitting at a table working. One is holding a piece of paper; the other two are discussing work at an open laptop.

Case study: Promoting wellbeing in course delivery

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design plans to introduce new ways to provide positive learning opportunities...

Two arm chairs with a plant and a coffee table in the corner. A long sofa sits at the other side.

Case study: University Retreat

AUB and Bournemouth University have worked in partnership with NHS, BCHA, and Dorset Mental Health Forum to create the University Retreat...

The refurbished Student Services' greeting area, including comfortable chairs and sofas, green pot plants and a tv screen with information on it – the area looks welcoming and inviting

Case study: Making Student Services more accessible

The Student Services reception area has been reconfigured to provide a more welcoming space for students...

Photograph of a large university building with metal mesh exterior and trees in the foreground

Case Study: Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework

AUB’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework aims to clarify reasonable student expectations, and to deliver...

Two AUB students sitting opposite each other smiling on a bench in the courtyard outside South House, AUB Campus.

Case study: Mental Health Champions

AUB’s Student Support Manager has provided training to a number of students who have an interest in becoming...

Four AUB students sitting at desks in a seminar room, working on laptops and notebooks.

Case study: Compassionate communications

In June 2022, the Department for Education announced the appointment of Edward Peck as the first...

A photograph taken through a window showing a university building and a few students sitting on benches.

Case study: Staff EDI training

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is a core commitment of AUB's Strategy 2030 and we strive to support a sense of belonging and a...

An armchair and a long sofa with a coffee table in between are set up around a white rug. A pair of beanbag footstools rest on the rug.

Case study: Measuring the impact of single session counselling

AUB’s counselling service offers a “single session” model of counselling, providing “one at a time” therapeutic sessions...

Students working at computers in a library. A set of stairs leads up to a second landing with a balcony running along.

Case study: Wellbeing resources – Canvas and Library

Student Mental Health Champions, AUB’s Wellbeing team and AUB Library have collaborated on a project to provide...

Private pod room set up at AUB's Campus Halls.

Case study: Breakout pod for neurodiverse students

The UK saw a 787% increase in autism diagnoses between 1998 and 2018, recording greater increases in...

The terms used within this Charter are based upon Student Minds’ definitions.

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[ii] Cibyl mental health survey 2021-22
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