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A set of model structures stands inside a metal shipping container on a high street.

Second-Year AUB Architecture and Textiles Students Exhibit at BEAF 2019


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Bournemouth Emerging Arts Festival takes place annually, providing local arts practitioners a platform to exhibit their work, and an opportunity for the local community to participate in the arts. This year, a number of AUB students, staff and alumni have been involved in the arts festival.

Architecture Container Project

AUB students created models and designs for the creative use of containers as a way of engaging people on the high street with social and arts based ideas for engaging people in Boscombe.

The designs included some references to parts of Boscombe inclusive of details and patterns in buildings, and visual history of the local area.

The concept of using containers in a high street allows for relatively low-cost units that can be colourful and moveable, thereby offering a variety of ways for the high street to be configured without disrupting existing buildings.

When successful, small units such as containers, can allow people on the high street to pause and stay for a while rather than using the high street merely as a transit route.

This then enables all on the high street to benefit as more people will be more inclined to visit and stay for longer.

AUB Architecture students curated and presented their collaborative work in a small container with a second unit housing a little craft workshop for children and adults to make their own designs.

These displays and work from AUB Architecture and Textiles students are an example of how containers can engage visitors to Boscombe high street.

Find out more information about BA (Hons) Architecture and BA (Hons) Textiles at AUB.

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