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A selection of sweets in plastic wrap, boxes and leaflets on a table, and balloons in the background.

Eid El-Fitr Celebration event: a collaborative effort

Words by Kawthar Benlahcene

As an MA Graphic Design course ambassador at AUB, I had the privilege of leading the organisation of our recent Eid El-Fitr Celebration.


This event was a true testament to the interdisciplinary and collaborative spirit of our university, bringing together students and staff from various backgrounds, fields, and interests to create a rich and engaging experience for international students. Here, I share the highlights and key contributions that made our celebration a success.

The Eid al-Fitr Celebration aimed to unite the university community in commemorating the end of Ramadan with vibrant cultural expressions, traditional attire, and a delightful selection of North African, Gulf, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian sweets. The event took place on 9 April 2024 at the Campus Halls Common Area.

As the project lead, I oversaw the entire planning and execution of the event. My role involved coordinating with team members, managing the budget, and ensuring everything ran smoothly. Additionally, I contributed my graphic design skills to create digital invitations, promotional posters, and infographics for the celebration. These materials were essential in publicising the event and creating awareness among the University community.

Meanwhile, Klaudia from AUB’s International team played a crucial role in our planning process. She was the primary contact for any questions and helped us navigate the University's resources and logistics. Her support was invaluable in securing the venue, arranging necessary permissions, and facilitating communication with other university departments.

Karen, a BA (Hons) Animation Production student from Indonesia, brought a unique creative flair to the event with her character design and illustration skills. She created vibrant and culturally relevant characters that were used in our promotional materials and decorations. Her illustrations added a festive and welcoming atmosphere to the celebration, resonating well with attendees from diverse backgrounds.

And then illustrator and pattern designer Tabitha, a local MA Illustration student, contributed her expertise in pattern design. She designed intricate patterns inspired by traditional Islamic art, which were used in various aspects of the event, including tablecloths, banners, and the DIY calligraphy station. Her patterns beautifully complemented the cultural theme of the celebration and added an authentic touch to the decorations.

The event featured a Sweets Sharing Corner with homemade North African, Gulf, and Southeast Asian sweets. The contributions included Palestinian black tea, Mamool (date-based sweets), Hala (MENA sweets), and other baked Eid sweets, all donated by members of the Muslim community. Additionally, we decorated the venue with Eid Mubarak balloons, light decorations, and themed mini boxes for stickers, candy, and cookies.

Participants exhibited their best-dressed outfits influenced by various cultures. A calligraphy set was awarded as a prize for the outstanding attire, encouraging a vibrant display of traditional and contemporary fashion. We curated a playlist featuring traditional music from diverse Muslim and Arab cultures. This added an auditory layer to the cultural immersion, creating a lively and festive ambiance. Plus, a DIY station was set up with materials for attendees to explore Arabic calligraphy. This interactive activity allowed participants to engage with the art form and create personalised calligraphy pieces to take home.

A self-serve corner with pre-brewed Arabic coffee and tea was created, providing attendees with a taste of traditional beverages. The corner was a popular spot for socialising and experiencing authentic flavours.

The Eid al-Fitr Celebration was a testament to the power of collaboration and cultural exchange. The diverse contributions from students and staff created a rich and inclusive environment, celebrating the end of Ramadan with joy and unity. The event was well-received by attendees, who appreciated the thoughtful planning and effort put into making it a memorable experience.

Special thanks to the AUB International team for helping us get this set up and done, and Campus Halls for hosting the event. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Farida Zouzou for writing the brochure information, and to Kheyal and Eleanor for volunteering to help with the organisation of the event. We also extend our gratitude to the members of the Muslim community for donating sweets and event supplies, making the celebration even more special.

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