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Innovation Studio

Industry-engagement and our strong maker culture puts collaboration at the heart of everything we do.

Shore Architecture

As fellow designers, Shore Architecture shares AUB’s ethos of design-led solutions, favouring ongoing academic research and current innovative ideas to explore all possible solutions.

We're proud to partner with them through our Associate Programme.

Meet Shore Architecture

The spectrum of architectural projects undertaken by Poole-based firm Shore Architecture is wide reaching, including small scale single extensions, roof conversions, bespoke residential houses, social housing, master planning and unique research projects and exploratory studies.

The company prides themselves on being involved with live research projects across all areas of art and architecture from product design, urban analysis and innovative exhibitions that explore the contemporary design and research initiatives. They aim to create spaces and installations that test the perception of art and architecture.

AUB x Shore Architecture partnership

Director Paul Richardson is an AUB Master of Architecture (Part 2 ARB/RIBA) alumni, so is keen to engage and collaborate with AUB students and staff on an industry level and looks forward to using the wealth of knowledge available to Shore Architecture as part of the Associate Programme.

As an associate partner, Shore Architecture will have access to the AUB’s Lab 4 Creative Technologies meaning they can explore potential new innovative prototyping techniques. This will prove valuable when testing new materials and techniques to create and design site models for architectural projects. In this regard, AUB's CNC router is of particular interest.

The opportunities to experiment with new design technologies, such as VR and associated software such as Twin Motion and Gravity Sketch, are equally exciting for Shore Architecture.

Explore the Innovation Studio

Innovation Studio, photographed by Richard Bryant


The Innovation Studio operates as a lab for creative technologies, a nucleus for start-ups and enterprises, and an industry engagement hub.
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Take a look at some of our recent collaborative projects with external partners and businesses
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Collaborate with us

There are many ways to work with us – we can give you access to our equipment and expertise
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Associate Programme

Our Associate Programme offers membership of our Innovation Studio to regional businesses seeking research and development support.
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Residency Programme

Our Residency Programme offers membership of our Innovation Studio individuals, start-ups and SMEs developing new products or services.
Innovation Studio, photographed by Richard Bryant

Industry-standard resources

The Innovation Studio features state-of-the-art equipment and digital resources, and the latest manufacturing technology.