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Careers and Enterprise

It's our job to help you get ready for your future – we provide a wealth of support, advice and guidance to help your career take off in the right direction

Career Planning

What stage are you at with your career planning?

When you enrolled at AUB you were asked a number of questions about your career thinking. Finding the right career pathway isn't always simple, and we don’t all have a clear idea of what we want to do. The sooner you get started exploring, gaining experience and making a plan, the better positioned you’ll be when you graduate to develop a fulfilling career.

For help moving forwards with your job hunt, event suggestions and careers guidance, click on the stage of career planning that you think best describes your situation. Use the statements to help you.

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At the start of your career planning journey? Or changed your mind about what you want to do?

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Once you’ve got some ideas about what you want to do – this is when you start to set yourself some goals and put your plan into action.

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Have a pretty good idea about your direction? Research the recruitment process and how to pitch your work to clients or employers.

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We are providing a wealth of support, advice and guidance to help your career take off in the right direction
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Meet the team

We've organised a series of events online to support you in developing your career
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Check our previous Careers and Employability week events
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Employers and Partners

We’re keen to work with businesses to share best practice and provide relevant and current advice and guidance for our students