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Access Industry

It's our job to help you get ready for your future – we provide a wealth of support, advice and guidance to help your career take off in the right direction

Access Industry mentoring scheme

Only 11% of individuals in the creative industries come from ethnic minority backgrounds, and a mere 5% hold leadership roles. Additionally, just 27% of people in these industries are from working-class backgrounds.

Our new mentorship programme offers the chance for students from underrepresented groups to forge human connections with industry professionals and help them navigate their way into the creative Industries.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for established professionals working as a creative or in the creative industries (minimum of three years' experience). You'll need to meet with the mentee 4-6 times over a period up to six months, either online or in person.

You'd work with the mentee to set goals, complete action plans, share your experience, insights and support.

Mentoring a student can also be hugely beneficial to your personal and professional development:

  • Gain a different perspective
  • Develop your interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Increase your professional network and meet new creative talent

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We are providing a wealth of support, advice and guidance to help your career take off in the right direction

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