Professor Paul Wenham-Clarke, Course Leader for MA Commercial Photography, has explored the social and cultural issues affecting the lives of a group of travellers living in West London.

The Westway Travellers, whom Professor Wenham-Clarke first noticed on a commute into London in 2013, are a protected ethnic group of around 20 families who’ve lived beneath A40 main road in the royal borough of North Kensington & Chelsea since 1975.

“Over a period of 18 months I explored the communities who live, work or play under the A40, an elevated highway that passes over the heads of the local people on its way to central London.”

Speaking about his motivations behind photographing the community and their lives, Professor Wenham-Clarke says: “I use my photography to explore current social and cultural issues and my main aim is to generate debate and raise public awareness. Some of my work makes for uneasy viewing, whilst others draw the eye with surface beauty. They all contain an underlying message that questions our priorities and our way of living.”