Last week AUB held a ceremony to break-ground on a new student halls of residence.

The accommodation will be home to 300 students and is situated on AUB’s Wallisdown campus. Designed to fit in with the campus’ cutting-edge design aesthetic, the building will feature eight-bed clusters with communal kitchens and dining areas centred around a landscaped courtyard. The high quality accommodation includes roof-top solar panels, assisting in reducing the building’s energy demand, leading the way in sustainable living.

The building has been designed by Design Engine Architects, who have created many of AUB’s existing and award-winning buildings. Design Engine pride themselves on creating architecture with sustainability at its core.

The development boasts impressive sustainability credentials to benefit both students and local residents. The design includes upgrading the pedestrian and cycle routes that connect nearby areas. Specifically, this will involve linking Wallisdown Road and Gillett Road to Fern Barrow and significant public lighting design improvements.

Emphasis has been placed on sustainable travel; ample covered and secure bicycle parking has been integrated into the design, aligning the project with AUB’s travel plan to promote safe and sustainable travel for students and staff.

As part of the development, significant consideration has been given to the landscape design. Within the development, structured landscaped courtyards have been designed around buildings providing a vital link between external and internal spaces and promoting an environment of wellbeing. Over one hundred new trees will be planted, creating more green spaces for students and local residents.