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Witold Stok


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Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Film Production

As Director of Photography for more than 24 feature films and 50 documentaries, Witold’s talk focused on the perspectives of various directors and filmmakers he has worked with for over 50 years.

Witold argues that research, respect and responsibility are crucial to the integrity of the filmmaker, suggesting that “Pictures disclose and expose, but also deceive and misrepresent. Correcting, influencing, recreating or ‘bettering’ reality could change it for the worse.”

During his talk, Witold discussed the motivations behind filmmaker’s decisions to ‘help reality’ leading to the tarnishing of documentary films and emanating in a chain of transgressions that could evaporate an audiences’ trust.

Witold also posed questions over societal issues, asking how far people might go in the pursuit of ‘benefitting the lens’, and where curiosity might spill over into invasiveness.

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