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Tom Hovey – BA (Hons) Illustration


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Course: BA (Hons) Illustration

Graduated: 2006

I loved my time at AUB. I had just finished a sequential illustration HND which was quite focused, so I really relished the chance to experiment with new media, styles and techniques. I really enjoyed my time in Bournemouth.

AUB was such a creative place where people from all courses and disciplines mixed, hung out and collaborated.

After graduating in 2006, I lived in Bristol for a few years, but I found most of the work I was getting was putting on live drawing and mural shows in London. So in 2010 I made the move to London, with no real work to speak of.

Luckily a mate who worked in TV suggested that I apply for a job in the edit of a new cookery show. So with no TV experience, or idea about how edits worked I blagged my way in and started two days later! It turned out that I was in an edit suite of the first series of the Great British Bake Off with the series director and editor.

Within a couple of days I had told them my lack of ambition for a career in TV, and that I was really an aspiring illustrator. This led to the director approaching me in the second week saying that he felt there was a visual element missing from the show, and maybe I could come up with some ideas.

I pitched a few ideas and got the gig.

Eight years, three channels, several awards and a couple of thousand cakes later and I’m still here!

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