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Two dancers perform in a courtyard in front of a small crowd

Sun-filled Day of Dance returns to AUB after two-year break


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Students from across AUB’s Dance programme have entertained audiences at the University’s annual Day of Dance event.

Featuring second-year BA (Hons) Dance students, wearing costumes designed AUB’s BA (Hons) Performance Design and Film Costume course, the University’s dance programme has once again wowed campus audiences with an immersive series of entertaining, thought-provoking and era-defining performances.

The Day of Dance Festival is an annual all-inclusive event where all can participate and learn about dance as an art form. During the sun-filled day, visitors to campus could see detectives, school pupils, 1980s shell suits, and 1990s grungers performing in campus areas like the Courtyard, Drawing Studio, University House and Workshops.

Dancer Holly Verran, who took part in the day, said: “There’s about four different groups performing and the sunshine’s out! Through our project, we gathered lots of research into different school ages, and we went to Winton Primary School, finding opinions on uniform and how they thought about conformity and restrictions.

Charlotte Wye, a third year BA (Hons) Performance and Costume Design student, said: “I designed the costumes for Team Uniform; the calico plain-coloured uniforms. The concept was self-expression and how uniform restricts that.

“It’s turned out really well, and I love working with Dance; it’s quite unique compared to the other projects we do in theatre and film.”

Speaking about the event, BA (Hons) Dance Course Leader Jane White said: “It’s really amazing to have Day of Dance back on campus after a gap of about two years due to COVID.

"There’s been pop up events everywhere, Team Uniform have been in the middle of the campus, with improv groups travelling across campus and work happening in TheGallery, Dance Studios and outside of Campus Halls.”

Jane added: “It’s wonderful. We couldn’t have wished for better weather, so it’s fantastic to just have people back watching movement and getting the energy back for everything that is AUB.”

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