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Illustration of a child looking through a magnifying glass at the bottom of a bottle.

Museum of Design in Plastics works with local schools to deliver lessons about sustainability


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The Museum of Design in Plastics at Arts University Bournemouth has been working with Dorset's Cultural Hub to deliver detective themed lessons about sustainability and eco-plastics.

Schoolchildren are being asked to put their plastic water bottles on the ‘wanted list’ – wanted for recycling that is – just one of the many classroom and museum-based Eco-plastic Detective activities for children being delivered by the team at the Museum of Design in Plastics.

The initiative, which is being supported by Dorset’s Cultural Hub, encourages children to learn about sustainability in plastics and to be curious about the green credentials of plastic packaging.

The programme is made up of three main sessions available to schools including a practical activity with recyclable plastic packaging, a show-and-tell hands on session demonstrating sustainable design in plastics, and a museum-based session exploring MoDiP’s latest exhibition ‘Revolution: environmentally conscious design in plastics’.

The activities, which have a detective theme running throughout, encourage imagination and creativity while inspiring the next generation of potential makers and designers. It highlights how plastics can be used positively and encourages thought about how plastic is used on a daily basis.

The project’s mascot ‘Mo the MoDiP girl’ is a responsible and enthusiastic Eco-plastic Detective. Mo has been kindly designed by Horrible Histories’ illustrator Martin Brown and is proudly displayed on the cover of each of the school detective packs available.

The Eco-plastic Detective project is currently being delivered to Cultural Hub member schools, but all schools throughout Dorset are invited to visit MoDiP on campus at Arts University Bournemouth and become Eco-plastic Detectives for the day with the team at MoDiP.

For more information about MoDiP click here.

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