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Dan Broadbent – BA (Hons) Fine Art


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Course: BA (Hons) Fine Art

The Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe (BEAF) was established in 2014 by Bournemouth council to provide a platform for local artists and musicians to become involved in the Arts By The Sea Festival.

Six months later, it was time to start planning again for 2015. I joined a steering group and, along with a team of volunteers, we began to carve out a plan for 2015’s festivities week-by-week.

I began to take on more and more responsibility. Before I knew it, I was sat in a small garage-cum-office along with one of my best friends and we were planning a festival together. It involved organising over 150 events and juggling communication with almost 500 artists. It was mental! We were doing 80-hour weeks on no money and little rest.

We weren’t armed with stacks of cash, but we had hearts filled with passion and a small team of volunteers. We had nothing to lose, aside from sleep and a social life! The Fringe became my life and I wanted to make it as great as it could be.

Not only did AUB generously support the Fringe festival financially, but we saw huge efforts come from the students, staff and alumni. Over half of the festival events were ran directly or indirectly by AUB associates.

Being a Fine Art alumnus myself, I took great pride in seeing my university peers produce some of the most fascinating arts events that Dorset has seen.

I’m a firm believer that if there is something missing where you live or if you want to make a change, then get out there and do it.

You’d be surprised how many other people are thinking the exact same thing. Organise some meetings with like-minded creative types and start planning.

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