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Plans and a model for a new hotel on display in a gallery space. A banner next to the display shows the vision for the hotel in more detail with diagrams, photos and blocks of text.

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design London Summer Show - Interior Educators


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The exhibition, which drew the BA Summer Show series to a close, displayed graduate work from universities from all over the country.

The annual show is the UK’s largest and only exhibition dedicated to showcasing Interior Architecture graduate work.

We caught up with two of the AUB students exhibiting at the Interior Educators Show:


Can you tell us a little about your work?

My final project is cantered around wellbeing and the area of society I decided to focus on was women and women in work, in particular. It’s a very hot topic at the moment, you’ve got the gender pay gap and the #MeToo movement – they formed the basis for my project.

I wanted to explore ways of connecting women to their work space in particular, so I designed a co-working club for them. I explored the use of materials and forums. I wanted to create this visual that went from the front of the building, all the way to the back of the building, to create this connectivity between the women and their surroundings.

The existing building that I chose had two existing separate entrances. I used this as a concept, so I decided to have two different faces to my building and used this to coincide with the issues with that women have.

One side of the building I designed as a quiet and private space, where women can help each other and elevate each other within the world of work. The other side of the building is more of a public facing statement, it’s more of a gallery space where women could showcase their work, whether they are creatives, designers or fashion designers. This public facing statement says ‘we are women, we are here, this is what we do’.

How have you found the last three years at AUB?

Quite challenging, as before I started, I didn’t really know all that much about design and I hadn’t really designed anything before. I had a bit of a background in art, but not in design.

The way the course developed, it introduced me to the different aspects of design, the different skills that I needed to become a designer. I was really encouraged to explore different methods of designing, whether that’s sketching, concept models and so on.

I found that very gradually I developed in to a designer and finding the area of design I was really interested in.

One of the biggest things that I enjoyed was finding out about society its self, I didn’t think I would do so much research, it’s research based as you have to design for existing issues in society, so I’ve learned just as much about society as I have about design.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d love to find a job! I’m interested in the psychology and social aspect of design, so I really need to look out for that company that will allow me to design things that will help other people.


Can you tell us a little about your work?

My Project is about a young cultural centre. The project is about getting young people away from the streets, away from drugs and alcohol. I wanted to design a safe and stable place for them and the community, somewhere they can come and share and connect with different people in their community.

My design incorporates very modern, technological design, twinned with biophilic design, so very natural and healthy, using raw materials. There is a narrative through the space, they can come and experience the process through the levels of the building. The first level is a physical space with dynamic and digital material, that they can interact with. Then the second level is a more relaxed space, where the young people can gang out, but with a lot of technology, as that’s what young people like. Then the third level is workshop spaces for young people to be able to create and learn new skills.

It’s been designed as a space for the community really.

How have you found the last three years at AUB?

It’s been challenging, I’m from Columbia and language has been a bit of a barrier, as English isn’t my first language. I’ve grown in confidence though and still manage to get good grades and graduated with a first.

I think the lecturers and the university are amazing, they aren’t just good lecturers, they are good people, and because of that it really motivated me. I’m really proud of myself.

What are your plans for the future?

So, a couple of weeks ago I won a Creative Conscience Award, I’m extremely proud of that. Next Monday I start my first job in the industry, which I’m also really excited about. I’ve just been really lucky, which I’m really grateful for.

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