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A group of dancers standing in a circle with their arms above their heads in a dance studio.

BA (Hons) Dance Students participate in Wayne Sables workshop


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Wayne has been an artistic and creative director specialising in making films and digital arts experiences for over 15 years. Here he explains his project with the BA (Hons) Dance students:

“As an artist is important to find partners that support the creative process and give space to experiment and test ideas without expecting predetermined outcomes. AUB Dance is one such partner. They understand the need to continually explore and to push one’s own creative boundaries. Each year I have the pleasure to spend a week with the first year dance degree students in March.

Throughout the week we explore the relationship between dance and digital technologies namely film, projection mapping, light and mobile.

Each day two different dancers step out of their comfort zone and frame of reference to be either a choreographer and/or digital lead. With guided support the repertoire material created on day one is developed, changed and manipulated to incorporate one of the chosen digital technologies.

Each day the students explore concepts, form and choreography through digital exploration. Using the lens to view and develop the composition gives the students a unique insight into both my creative process and the option for them to explore theirs in a supportive environment.

It is critical that we give our future artists/practitioners creative spaces where they are able to explore with real time pressures. This directly reflects the professional climate.

The challenges they face during this week will be similar if not the same that they will face when they take the next creative step in their artistic journeys. The dance degree course at AUB is so supportive of each student finding their own identity as a future dance maker” – Wayne Sables, Professional Dance and Digital Artist

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