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A large collage of black and white abstract photos stuck to a wall.

Asano Tsutsumi – BA (Hons) Photography


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Course: BA (Hons) Photography

Graduated: 2014

After graduating from AUB, I returned to Japan and started an internship for Kyotographie, an international photography festival in Kyoto, Japan. Since 2017, I’ve been exhibiting my work mainly in Kyoto.

With the construction of light as a concept, I’ve been exploring photographic expressions that push the boundaries of the medium. My latest work, In progress, focuses on an ongoing process of constructing images, only using photography's fundamental element – light – which continues to evolve through exhibitions.

I’m also currently participating in a group exhibition at a meditation gallery of photography, KURENBOH, a part of the Chohouin Buddhist Temple of Kuramae, Tokyo.

Solo exhibition

  • KG – Kyoto (2017–19, 2023)

Group exhibitions

  • KURENBO – Chohouin Buddhist Temple, Tokyo (November – December 2023)
  • Virtual exhibition at SUPERCOLLIDER – Los Angeles (2020)
  • The Scrap – Seoul, South Korea (2017)
  • Kyoto Photography Biennale – Kyoto (2017)
  • Photography and Lecture Studies – Toyama, Japan (2017)

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