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Abstract painting made up of smoke clouds and coloured blocks with a human figure at the front.

Painter Steve Moberly studied MA Fine Art at AUB

Painter Steve Moberly studied MA Fine Art at AUB, graduating in 2019.


Steve’s work consists of what he terms 3D painting; using sculpture to make art leap from the walls to the floor and back again.

Almost plate-like in design, using lots of rich colour, as well as a variety of lightweight, unusual and sustainable materials including acrylic, cladding, polyester and even pastry, Steve uses art to explore meaning and narratives put upon society while also alluding to influences through his previous career as a Chef.

“I have found contemporary art as the most effective way of exploring ambiguity, and arts own total lack of function paves the way for different things to come to the fore in a way that other disciplines, working towards a brief or a purpose, are unable to explore."

“Taste plays an important role in working as a chef, but increasingly cooking has become about interesting and thoughtful creations too, which creates a connection between art and food.”

Originally a figurative painter, Steve looked at abstraction through his MA studies, taking him away from his usual work to delve into something less explored. After living and working in London, Steve moved to Bournemouth where he found it liberating to be away from London’s ‘circular art scene’; using artists’ networks and social media to share his work which he then exhibits across the country.

“Art is a restriction of so many varied experiences down to one largely visual experience. There’s always a divide through art, you’ll never experience the same as someone else, or the artist. With food, there’s an element of resolution as it is ingested, but with art, there’s distance, and so for me, that’s the difference, the interest and that’s what sparks other things.”