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AUB International Poetry Prize

AUB International Poetry Prize 2021

AUB International Poetry Prize 2021

Arts University Bournemouth's International Poetry Prize is an annual poetry competition that attracts writers aged 16 and over from all across the world.

We're delighted with the inaugural year of the competition. We received over 300 entries from 17 countries, with poets responding to our competition theme of Change. The standard was exceptionally high.

Please read our 2021 competition anthology below.

The 2022 AUB International Poetry Prize Digital Anthology was designed by Chiara Causer and edited by AUB BA (Hons) Creative Writing lecturer Dr Natalie Scott.

The anthology celebrates all prize-winning and longlisted poems from the competition, judged by Glyn Maxwell, and the work of our BA (Hons) Creative Writing students.



  • Alternate Argumentum Ornithologicum - Laurence O’Dwyer


  • Distancing - David Butler
  • Dry Missus - Tessa Foley

Highly Commended

  • Paul - Jonathan Edwards
  • Hayek At Ninety - William Stephenson
  • And Us Made Ash Made Smoke Headed - Tammy Armstrong
  • Assassin’s Creed - Giles Goodland
  • Seventh Child - Chrissie Dreier
  • Die-back - Lizzy Lister
  • Elsewhere Vines Wither - Heidi Beck
  • Shared memory overflow error - Roger Bloor
  • Growing Fish in Petri Dishes - Maria Roe
  • Saltaire - Bex Hainsworth

Longlisted entries

  • (hunger) - Anushka Nagarmath (India)
  • A Grown-up Daughter and a Father - Emily Wootton (England)
  • After Image - David Butler (Ireland)
  • Alternate Argumentum Ornithologicum - Laurence O'Dwyer (Ireland)
  • And Us Made Ash, Made Smoke Headed - Tammy Armstrong (Canada)
  • Arcs - Bex Hainsworth (England)
  • Ash Dieback - Terry O'Brien (England)
  • Assassin's Creed - Giles Goodland (England)
  • At the Andy Warhol Show - Victoria Field (England)
  • Change - Jonathan Edwards (Wales)
  • Crow's Feet and Wrinkles - L J Woods (Scotland)
  • Cupping Our Palms - Jonathan Greenhause (USA)
  • Debrief - Oz Hardwick (England)
  • Die-back - Lizzy Lister (England)
  • Distancing - David Butler (Ireland)
  • Dry Missus - Tessa Foley (England)
  • Duchamp - Adrian Buckner (England)
  • Elsewhere Vines Wither - Heidi Beck (England)
  • Exchange - Janet Olearski (Portugal)
  • Fields for the Future, 1978 - Lizzy Lister (England)
  • Final Departure Before Lockdown – C M Strong (Scotland)
  • Forms of Intelligence - Jonathan Greenhause (USA)
  • From Boyhood to Manhood - Mark Kirkbride (England)
  • Girlhood - Stephanie Powell (England)
  • Growing Fish in Petri Dishes - Maria Roe (England)

  • Hayek at Ninety – William Stephenson (England)
  • Inner Voice Workshop - Mary Mulholland (England)
  • Intercession - Christopher M James (France)
  • Let Me Tell You About When I Emigrated – Heidi Beck (England)
  • Little Eyes in the Trees – nudi (England)
  • McDonald's Happy Meal Container in Deep Forest - Jonathan Edwards (Wales)
  • My Father at Work 1965 - Jonathan Edwards (Wales)
  • Paul - Jonathan Edwards (Wales)
  • POWs - Paul Stephenson (England)
  • Quite Impossible - Simon Beech (England)
  • Regeneration - Tim Relf (England)
  • Retirement - Merle Corot (England)
  • Role Change - Mary Mulholland (England)
  • Saltaire - Bex Hainsworth (England)
  • School Bus Anthem - Rachel Burns (England)
  • Seventh Child - Chrissie Dreier (England)
  • Shared Memory Overflow Error - Roger Bloor (England)
  • Snow at Adam's Park - Isabella Mead (England)
  • Strikes - Jane Thomas (England)
  • Sweet and Low - Stephanie Powell (England)
  • Sweets (or of the before and after) - Stefano Peressini (Italy)
  • The Swallows’ Nest in the Patio Wall - Armando Allan (England)
  • The Trap - Bath Split - Jane Thomas (England)
  • ‘Trane Journey - Terry O'Brien (England)
  • West Bank - Christopher M James (France)

Meet the Chair of Judges

Headshot of G Maxwell.

Glyn Maxwell

Glyn Maxwell's books of poetry include How The Hell Are You, which was shortlisted for the T S Eliot Award; Pluto, which was shortlisted...

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The competition, with its theme of ‘Chance’ is open to writers over the age of 16 from any part of the world and will be judged by...

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Terms and Conditions

The AUB International Poetry Prize 2023 (the "Poetry Prize") is organised by Arts University Bournemouth ("AUB")...