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Various different coloured colouring pencils

Creative and Experimental Mixed Media Art

An introductory course developed to help you release your personal style through using different mediums and methods of creating traditional art.

Course overview

Autumn term 2021
Wednesday 6 October – Wednesday 12 December 2021

Spring term 2022
Wednesday 26 January – Wednesday 30 March 2022

10 Wednesday evenings 18.00-21.00


Julie James


Course details

You'll be able to experiment with different techniques and materials to express yourself and make informed choices based upon contextualisation, developing self-confidence and your own unique interpretation.

Your tutor Julie James, who has practical experience in landscape, architecture, interior design and fine art, will give you an insight into designing, planning and creating experimental art. This will allow you the freedom to fully experiment with researching and gathering concepts, brainstorming and designing followed by creating your ideas using collage, drawing, painting, pen and ink, 2D and 3D work and mixed media, while having a flexible structure already in place to work from.

During the 10-week course, you'll enter the world of Art and Design where you'll explore how to be structurally creative, embrace diversity, gather ideas to expand upon and make the work your own, record every idea then use your developed inspirations to create experimental artwork. By using your own findings and thoughts you will naturally be developing your own working style and methodology.

Each lesson will be a different subject and medium, you will be advised what to bring the previous week. This will be delivered by a brief introduction of an art movement allowing a slight structure to the experimentation of medium. Commencing each session, a reflection of the previous weeks’ work, and an opportunity for students to receive group and individual critique.

  • How to use different materials
  • Acrylic and Watercolour
  • Drawing from still life
  • Collage
  • Mark making
  • Illustration and Text
  • 2D, 3D principles of design and colour theory
  • Research and development of ideas
  • Sketch Book Development (Recording the process)
  • Talk about your ideas and get constructive feedback

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Julie James headshot

Julie James

Julie James has been a lecturer at AUB since 2016 teaching on BA (Hons) Architectural Interior Design...

The course aims to:

  • Help students to select appropriate materials for construction
  • Boost confidence
  • Deliver basic colour theory including complimentary colours
  • Enable students to experiment with various mediums
  • Enhance your ability by exploring new methods
  • Develop new skills and explore and expand your own potential

  • Experimenting with different mediums and methods to define which suits you
  • Understanding different artistic processes
  • Define and determine which areas you wish to pursue
  • All students with 100% course attendance will be issued with an official AUB Short Course Certificate of Attendance detailing course contents, and study hours

There are no entry requirements to join this course, just plenty of enthusiasm.

Requirements for week 1: few pencils and coloured pens

Requirements for future weeks, to be advised by your tutor:

A4 sketchbook, drawing pencils, inks, pens/felt tips, eraser, sharpener, craft knife, sharp scissors, oil pastels, acrylic/watercolour paint, small canvas board and a selection of brushes

All other course materials are included in the course fee.

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