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A torn piece of coloured paper curls over at the corners and is pinned on a plain background. The words 'BA (Hons) Photography' appear on the right.
12 mins watch time

BA (Hons) Photography Course Talk

A roll of fabric showing various plants, peacocks and snakes. The words BA (Hons) Textiles appear on a plain background to the right.
19 mins watch time

BA (Hons) Textiles Course Talk

Someone holds a magazine up against a cloudy sky. The words BA (Hons) Visual Communication appear on the right on a plain background.
47 mins watch time

BA (Hons) Visual Communication Course Talk

A waitress in a 1950s-style diner walks away from the camera. The words BA (Hons) Visual Effects (VFX) for Film and Television appear on the right on a plain background.
35 mins watch time

BA (Hons) Visual Effects (VFX) for Film and Television Course Talk

Three animated characters: a child, an older person in a thoughtful pose, and an old man with a small white beard.
48 mins watch time

MA Animation Production Course Talk

Architectural model showing an outdoor space with gravel and wooden panels.
28 mins watch time

Master of Architecture Course Talk

A man viewed from the side in a workshop working with a machine.
33 mins watch time

MA Design and Innovation Course Talk

Flat plan of jacket including illustrations of a person wearing the garment, the garment on a hanger and fabric samples.
25 mins watch time

MA Digital Fashion Course Talk

A person operates a large film camera; two people observe in the background.
24 mins watch time

MA Film Practice Course Talk

Abstract image composed from green and yellow wooden panels with white space visible behind.
44 mins watch time

MA Fine Art Course Talk

A studio space with bold black and white illustrations painted on the wall.
32 mins watch time

MA Graphic Design Course Talk

Distorted image of a historical costume on a mannequin.
36 mins watch time

MA Historical Costume Course Talk

Illustration of a fox standing on a pair of rocks and looking behind it.
30 mins watch time

MA Illustration Course Talk

A collection of colourful artworks on canvases stacked against one another.
18 mins watch time

MA Painting Course Talk

Illustration of a woman in a bikini reaching forward with a pink fish to her right. A shark is shown behind them. The text "A day in the deep" appears above the illustration.
42 mins watch time

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Course Talk

Close-up of Professor P Gough on AUB campus
1 mins watch time

Welcome from Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Gough

Carrie the Accommodation and Advice Manager talking to the camera with the exterior of the campus halls as a back drop
5 mins watch time

Student Services talk

Headshot for S Elliott
4 mins watch time

Introduction to AUB International