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Final Portfolio project, orange building section cut for Southampton high street with proposed design.

Milly Harvey – developing projects through identity in architecture and design


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My journey towards BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design began with my studies at college where I achieved a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design. In my final major project on that course, I explored an abandoned historical building in my local area, focusing on the memories held in a historical building and how that contributes to its identity.

This interest developed into being intrigued by how different interior environments can evoke emotion through their design. This supported me in the early stages of my higher education journey, where I was learning more about what type of environment I felt the most creative and focused in, and the role that interior architecture and design had in that. From there, I decided to enrol at AUB.

At the start of my third year, we were introduced to a unit specifically structured to help us develop and identify strategies to enhance our learning. This was in preparation for our final portfolio project which would commence in the spring term. The Exploratory Practice unit included a design project in chosen study groups, from which we had the opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on models.

In this unit, I worked with Oliver Dewes over several days to construct a structural model of our project building. This model aimed to enable us to understand the structure and form of the building and explore the possibilities.

By experimenting with modelmaking and using different materials, this model allowed me to identify how I prefer to make models that have more than one use. We accomplished this by deciding to make it an interactive model. This was so that we could separate each floor of the building, as it was particularly large, to obtain sufficient visuals and perspectives. By having floors that could move, it could create the desired exploded views. Therefore, we were able to use this model as a resource to communicate our design thinking, including systems and zoning.

The BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design course has aided my creative journey by equipping me with the skills and knowledge to feel confident enough to go into the industry. The three-year duration of this course has been preparing me for that.

I've had opportunities in each unit to develop and grow my skills in a variety of areas. For instance, in second year, final term, I had the fantastic opportunity to learn more skills in a professional workplace. I chose TheGallery at AUB for this seven-week work experience, where I was able to learn more about curation, art and exhibition design – all areas that were of particular interest to me. During that time, I was able to be involved in curating projects and exhibitions across the campus.

I’d advise both current and potential students to engage with course lecturers for any questions or support needed. They’ve been extremely helpful with any problem I’ve had over the three years. I’ve also found it useful to talk to other students on the course, as they’re the ones who are most likely to be asking themselves the same question.

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