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Jim Cregan – BA (Hons) Events Management


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Course: BA (Hons) Arts and Event Management (now Events Management)

“During a year travelling around Australia I discovered ready-to-drink iced coffee and I decided to bring it back to the UK. We sold the first carton in Selfridges and it has since become a supermarket staple.

“Thinking back to my days at AUB, I distinctly remember the feeling I got when I saw that there was an arts and event production degree here. I thought that it sounded amazing and I worked really, really hard to make sure that I got on the course.

“What I was really interested in was global roadshows for big brands and that’s where I thought I would sit and be forever, and it kind of happened.

“I have a tonne of passion for what we’re doing and that’s what you need to get out of bed in the morning – it has to be real because people can sniff out a fake.”

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