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Poster showing a map and a compass with a QR code in it. The text 'The Hunt' appears along the top.

The Hunt


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‘Dare you take part in The Hunt? Have you got what it takes to win a giant trove of treasure? Team up with your friends to find the hidden chests around the town.’

The aim of The Hunt was to create a unique interactive event inspired by the rise in popularity of virtual reality games, escape rooms and immersive theatre.

Each chest contained a challenge envelope and QR code. The codes helped the hunters find the other chests, and completion of the challenges earnt the hunter’s pizes, and points mean prizes!

Each team had an hour and a half to complete as many challenges as possible. The team with the most points when the time is up was declared the winner. There was also a prize for the best photo.

An after party with a free drink was available at Flirt in the triangle, where the winners of the hunt were announced.


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