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Giorgia Garancini – BA (Hons) Events Management


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Course: BA (Hons) Event Management

Graduated: 2018

Career highlight so far

Having created an environment in which students can feel like they can come in and talk about whatever they may need to, seeking support. Being an exhibiting artist in Inside Out Dorset 2018, Coastal Encounters.

How did the course prepare you for your career?

‘One of the main things CEM prepared me for was talking. Talking is at the base of everything! My time on the course showed me it is conversations, not just organizing an event where communication is key, but learning to talk, listen and pay attention to people’s specifics can really help you form a network of people to make amazing things come to life.’

What is your one piece of advice for current students?

‘Dive into every opportunity that comes along, keep your eye out for interesting things that are happening and try to get your foot in the door. Figure out what you have fun doing by doing that, this and everything in-between.’

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